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wielding the power of radical imagination

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Do you need support with strategic planning that will turn your vision into a reality?

Are you open to exploring bold ideas and pushing the limits of what can be achieved?

Are you looking for a consultant who boldly addresses the complex challenges faced by socially minded organizations, particularly in the realms of racial and gender equity, catalyzing transformative change?

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MarTaze Gaines


I bring a decade of facilitation experience, curriculum design, and strategic development through half-day sessions, multi-day workshops, and retreat curation that center team connection and collective power. Most often, I work with small and medium-sized teams. Through personal experience and extensive case studies, I have developed the expertise to confidently tackle the challenging questions that arise within socially-aware communities and organizations.

I am committed to working hand-in-hand with organizers to overcome obstacles and push for positive change. I'm passionate about helping you create a better world and won't shy away from the tough discussions that are necessary to make it happen. Together, we embrace the truth that our actions have the power to shape the world we want to see for ourselves and future generations.


A headshot of lead consultant, MarTaze Gaines

Realizing a Just World and the AFRO-FUTURE requires embracing radical imagination, breaking from the status quo, and envisioning a future based on inclusion, equality, and equity. It demands creativity, innovation, and the courage to challenge existing systems. By embracing the Black Radical Tradition and imagination, we can transform society and create a better world.

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