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wielding the power of radical imagination

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Do you believe we can collectively embrace the power of our actions and shape the world we want to see for ourselves and future generations?

Are you game to bring transformative ideas to the fray and push the boundaries of what is possible?

 Do you need help creating the workflows that will turn your vision into a reality?

Are you ready to partner with a dynamic consultant who fearlessly tackles the complex challenges that confront socially minded organizations and their tireless organizers, all while igniting transformative change?

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MarTaze Gaines

Lead Consultant

MarTaze Gaines brings a decade of facilitation experience, strategic development through half-day and multi-day intensives, and curation of retreats that focus on team connection for small and medium sized teams.

A headshot of lead consultant, MarTaze Gaines

Are you looking for a consultant who can confidently tackle the challenging questions that arise within socially-aware communities and organizations? Someone who is committed to working hand-in-hand with organizers to overcome obstacles and push for positive change? Look no further than our team of skilled consultants! We're passionate about helping you create a better world, and we won't shy away from the tough discussions that are necessary to make it happen. Contact us today to see how we can help your organization thrive.

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Realizing a Just World and the AFRO-FUTURE hinges on embracing radical imagination. It means breaking from the status quo to envision a future based on inclusion, equality, and equity for all. It requires creativity, innovation and the courage to challenge existing systems and structures. A Just World and the AFRO-FUTURE demand that we look beyond what is currently possible to what could be imaginable. Only by embracing the Black Radical Tradition and imagination can we transform our society and create a better world. - MarTaze Gaines


Baltimore, MD, USA

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